Sugaring is by far the most gentle and ancient technique for hair-removal. Often credited as nature’s permanent hair removal,  the gentle paste is made from sugar, lemon, and hot water. Hibba’s salon is one of the very few places in NYC providing the authentic art of sugaring (also known as halawa gel). The solution is water-based and soluble– any residue is easily washed off with water.  Suitable for fine hair all over the body with the exception of eyebrows.

How does it work? Just like azulene wax, the sugar gel is removed from a can with a spatula, applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and is pulled with muslin strips in the opposite direction.

Why sugaring? It is 100 % natural and great for pregnant women or those with highly sensitive skin. It only sticks to the hair and does not remove the first layer of your skin (unlike all waxes). After a few sessions, sugaring drastically reduces hair-growth.

Not sure if sugar is for you? Come in for a free patch test to see the results and make a smart decision.

Pre- Care for Your Waxing Session:

Be sweat free and clean for best results.

The hair should be quarter of an inch long to be removed from the root. Any less and it may break off instead.

No Menstruation. For your safety we insist that do not schedule a Brazilian wax while menstruating.

Wear loose clothing post-wax to help the skin to breathe and recover.

Have faith. You are in the best hands when it comes to hair-removal, so relax and be comfortable!

Post Care:

Avoid hot water for 48 hours post-waxing. Your skin is sensitive! Treat it nicely.

Avoid exfoliation for 48 hours.

Avoid gym and sauna for 48 hours–your pores are still open and sensitive.

Use a gentle was with no acidic element for 48 hours post-waxing.

To avoid in-grown hairs DO NOT shave in between waxes and always exfoliate with our ayate cloth after the first 48 hours are up.

Appy hydrocortisone cream 1 % to any skin sensitivies. If the issue persists after 48 hours, please see your dermatologist immediately.